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Snakes Of West Virginia
West Virginia has 20 different species of snakes, of the 20 there are only 2 that are dangerous to humans. Those two are the Timber Rattle Snake and the Northern Copperhead. Both of these are in the pit viper family because they have heat sensitive pits that allow them to locate warm blooded animals usually for prey.

Unlike many common myths all 18 other species are completely harmless to humans. Harmless that is unless you would consider being scared of a snake as not harmless. Many people are scared of snakes for little to no reason other than it has been passed down from generation to generation as well as religion also plays a part in the fear of snakes. In the bible the snake is portrayed as a type of demon thus causing fear in many people.

Click on any of the links below and it will take you to a picture of each of the snakes listed.

Queen Snake      

Many of these snakes may not be in your part of West Virginia and some have only been located once or twice in the state so if you happen to see one of them please photograph it clearly and contact you local University Herpetology Department with the photographs and the exact time and location where you took the photographs.

Timber Rattle Snake found in Barboursville West Virginia

This little guy was a very nasty tempered snake. For some reason he did not like being captured. Once we released him he seemed to calm down a bit, except for when we tried to touch him again, he didn't like that. He crawled away into the woods in a deserted area where he can live a long life.


All In One Pest Control offers safe and non lethal rescue of snakes from your home or office. Any Snakes removed are relocated to the wild where they are intended to be. We DO NOT destroy any animals rescued.